Posted by: bosnae | August 16, 2009


1On 15 nth August 2009.,  there was an annually  prayer meeting at Pervizi village on Bjelašnica mountain. This event is a tradition for nearly 50 years. Village itself is placed at a beautiful valley of  Bjelašnica  (15 km south – east of famous ski place where 14 nth Olympic games was hold). About 500 Muslims were present at extremely sunny day (Bjelašnica is famous by its cold winters, but summers can be particularly hot as well).

Opening ceremony started at 11:00 a.m. with a speech of local imam Asad ef. Fočo. He specially emphasized an  importance of this event for a Bječašnica worshipers. Asad ef. also asked from Muslims to stop with unsuitable habit of drinking alcohol after mevlud ceremony, that appeared after Serbian aggression to BosMuslims nia. He pointed that alcohol  is not a part of  tradition at Bjelašnica mountain and forbidden by Qur’an. Ceremony continued with a recitation of mevlud in the name of prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.s), that was performed by Hamza ef. Lavic, Resul ef. Alic, Salem ef. Huric  and Omer ef. Zulic. After that, imam of Careva’s mosque hfz. Sadrudin Išerić said these days of  Sha’aban month are special mubaraq for muslims. He asked from people to increase their dua’s and make spiritual preparation for coming month of Ramadan. Mevlud ceremony finished by dua that was read by Asad ef.  After that, many people went to a locality near village Sinanovici to meet with their friends at a traditional fiesta. It was an event that Muslims will carry in their minds until next year.


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